Center speaker channel indicator light


would anyone know why my center channel indicator light on power amp comes on when the signal is in stereo mode.  It seems to come on whenever volume is loud. Left and right channel indicator lights are on like they are supposed to but sometimes my center channel light will illuminate as well then go off .

Thanks for responding. It’s a Carver HTA5A.  Five channel amplifier.  It has panel lights for each channel. When playing in stereo mode and I increase volume to around -10 to -5 DB the center channel indicator light will pop on then go out in about five minutes or so this seems to happen every time I put my volume between -10 and -5 DB 
If it's just a signal indicator, it may be you are just getting a little crosstalk. That is, isolation between channels is not perfect. If you play loudly, you'll get more cross channel interference and the amp thinks you have something on the center channel.

Not sure how you have your channels arranged, but try moving the L and R to the far sides of the amp, if they are next to the C.