center speaker to match Sonus Faber Concertino?

just to mention I searched the threads and could not find any resolutions...

I woud like to run a center speaker for my home theater ... Is the Sonus Faber Solo Home center complimentary toward the Concertinos? I would love to try the Piccolo but they are hard to come by.

I am a 2-channel analog guy. This is side project - My receiver is a Pioneer Elite vsx-29tx (a bit nostalgic for me, since I used to sell them, and often). I know its old, etc. Sitting about 12 ft' from screen (Studiotek 130 at 110"). I would appreciate some input as to what center I should narrow in on ... possibly some feedback on whether or not the Solo home will overpower the front channel setup. I am only running 3.1 channels (L-Main, R-Main, and Center/Sub). Thank you for reading.

P.S. I watch primarily movies from the 40s, 50s, and 60s on blu-ray. Not really into the whole "smash em' up" type stuff that comes out today. I am looking for crystal clear dialogue.

Marc S.
The Solo Home was the center sold with the Concertino Home. It, unfortunately, in my opionion, was the weak link in the line. It's single mid-range just does not provide much punch. The Piccolo is a better choice, but, as you said, hard to find. I had Grand Piano Home's and ended up with a Thiel SCS3 (or 4) as a center. I now use that with my Cremona. To be fair, I never listed to the Solo with the Concertino as mains. My observations was the Solo with the Concerto Home and Grand Piano Home.

The Toy Center or the Venere Center may be an option, although I have not heard them. But they are also hard to find used. Given your requirements, the Solo may be OK, but I would be cautious. Although it is always best to use a center meant to go with the sides, in this case you may want to consider another brand.
I have exactly the config being discussed, Sonus Faber Walls (wall mounted equivalent of the Concertino) in a 7.1 setup with the Solo. I think it's excellent, especially considering the price.
Lenny - in my experience, the Walls are not the equivalent of the Concertino. The cabinet does make a difference. I went with Concertinos for my surrounds, rather than Walls. I believe the Solo could match with the Walls, but not so well with the Concertino. Maybe I am too critical of the Solo, but it just did not do it for me. Glad you are happy with it.
Thank you for the information. I had my reservations about the Solo Home with my version of the concertinos; I think I may wait another month or so - or perhaps go in an entirely different direction and just use the Concertinos in a different application altogether. The Piccolo was on $595 new, I wonder why there are so few available on the used market?
When the Piccolo came out 5.1 was pretty new and SF was a pretty high end, low volume producer aimed at 2 channel audiophiles. The Home series went into Tweeter and other high volume outlets, so the Home series speakers are more common in the used market.

If you have a chance to try to Solo, you should do so. As I said, I would just be cautious.

Good luck in your search.
I guess it cat hurt to try one out .. eBay listings for the solo home center are posted with regularity. I used to sell SF for Tweeter for a couple of years before they closed down. Tweeter was a great "mid-fi" electronics store. SF being in Best Best was a bit of a surprise to me. I think the Venere center is carried at magnolia. The price is right 579 new, but there is a good chance SF has lowered the quality to get the price point in the big box stores. Tweeter only had a 100 stores or so at their peak, down south they went by another name. I will see if any of BB here in Miami have magnolia and take a listen ... you never know it may solve my problem.
I have not heard the Venere, but the towers have gotten some good reviews. They keep the price down by manufacturing in China, I believe. I have not seen them in BB - maybe only in the Design Centers. I will have to look. Real Magnolia stores used to carry the entry and mid-range speakers (not Homage) so I guess it is not a surprise that Venere are in BB/Magnolia.

Being in Tweeter hurt SF in my opinion, at least here in New England. They got volume but only at the low end. And the real audio shops would not carry them because they were carried in Tweeter. Today they are almost impossible to find here.

DTC: I have finally found a Piccolo solo speaker. In fact, I have three of them as I was going to use two for surround speakers. I recently purchased a pair of Walls and I am curios to see if they will timbre match with my fronts, well enough to keep in my system. I am not sure if the Walls were designed after the Concertinos/Concertos/Piccolo??

Fronts: Concertinos & Piccolo

I just bought a B&K 507 S2 (7 Channel Receiver). I wonder if the Piccolo would do well as the 6th speaker in a 6.1 setup?

Marc - I am surprised you could find 3 of them. Congratulations. What do you think of the Piccolo?

The Walls were part of the Home series and I think have the same drivers as the Concertino Homes, although as I said before I do not think they have the depth of sound of the Concertino. I think a 6.1 setup with a Picollo is a very interesting option. 6.1 versus 7.1 is really an issue of the room setup.

The B&K is a nice match with the SF you have. It does not have all the current features, but it sounds much better than most of the current receivers.

Please report back once you give the various options a try.

Thanks for the update.
Marc..I know this is a long shot but do you by any chance still have a piccolo? I'm looking for one. Thanks