Chang Lightspeed models

Chang Lightspeed ISO 6400/9600
Chang Lightspeed 6400/9600 ISO
Chang Lightspeed CLS 6400/9600 ISO

all different models?

Also I saw some with outlets on top and some with outlets on back. I'm looking for either 6400 or 9600 with outlets on back...

got confused little bit...
The CLS is am abbreviation for Cahng Light Speed, the ISO is on all their early conditioners, so you are listing two models, the 6400 and the 9600.

Both have an original and a Mk II version.
well these two are both 9600 but looks different

maybe one is older and one is newer, but they didn't changed the model name???
I have a 6600 MK II. It looks like the unit in the first link. My guess is that the one for sale is the original version, particularly since it is not advertised as the MK II.