Shunyata Hydra vs Chang lightspeed?

Any comparisons made with Hydra6 vs relative Chang Lightspeed power conditioners/distributors?
You should also consider BPT products...they are an excellent value and can be customized to suit your needs. I purchased a customized/hotrodded CPC and am very pleased with the quality and results...
You would probably get more response if you posted under the appropriate forum, like misc. or amp/preamp.

I've got an older original Chang Lightspeed 9600 (the newer Chang is still the same, only the duplex outlets are now on top, instead of on the side) and an original Shunyata Hydra. I haven't heard the Hydra 6, but I'm guessing that it is a better line conditioner overall. I used the Chang on my Conrad Johnson 2500A amplifier that I've since sold. It made the CJ amp more musical and didn't hurt dynamics. It made the amp a bit more clear, with a pleasing snap to harmonica, synthesizer and horn. Overall, it's strengths were musicality, a slightly lower noise floor, good bass, and good detail retrieval. The Hydra, while being almost as musical, has a lower noise floor, way better tonal accuracy, way better sound stage, far better clarity, better detail retrival and better separation of instruments. I find that my Hydra works best on the front end components. The Chang, in my systems at least, was better on the amp. Actually, I've got my Chang 9600 on a Fender all tube guitar amp now and it has reduced the tube hiss quite a bit. The other thing to consider is that the Chang Lightspeed has a captured powercord, while the Hydra has an IEC connection which would make it easy to experiment with different powercords. Hope this helps. Best wishes. Stan