Changed circ.breaker-vocals became shouty:why?

I live in pre-war apt.building.The circuit breaker that was feeding my system was an old 15 amp gadget that was long ago discontinued.When i noticed that it was 15 amp i went and bought a $25 30 amp replacement for it.After installing it in the box i noticed that vocals and solo guitars became shouty and flat even though the rest of the spectrum became more dynamic,especially bass.After i put back the old breaker,the sound became 3-D and warm again,even though the system was straining at high volumes.Is it a circuit breaker burn in factor or something else at play here?My power amp is Pass X 250,5 driving 86db/4ohm Snell type B speaker (6 drivers per side,3 of which are 10 inches).
Outlets by PS Audio.Any ideas?Thanks a lot.
You can't just swap a 15 amp breaker with a 30 amp. It takes special wire and outlet plugs for 30 amps. If you have a short you could burn the apartment down.

With that said, there is a break in period of 2 weeks on a breaker but the difference you are hearing sounds like it may involve more factors.

Breakers do sound different but the better ones are mercury wetted. Another thing that makes a difference is if the copper thickness or length in the new breaker is equal to the wave length of something causing interference.

You can play around as long as your hardware store lets you return items but I would go back to a 15 to 20 amp breaker.
The vocalists are trying to warn you that your house may burn down! You can't just insert a 30 amp breaker in place of a 15 amp one. The rating of the breaker depends on the wire that it feeds into. A 30 amp breaker has the same resistance as a 15 amp one and, unless you believe in magic, has no effect on the audio signal. Either breaker will deliver the current that your audio system demands, and you can't make the audio system demand more by changing the breaker.

The 30 amp breaker would permit you to plug in a TV and an Airconditioner as well as your audio system, and a few other things, without the breaker opening. The wires will get hot, and even if you don't start a fire right away the insulation of the wires will be damaged, which is a long-term hazard.
Ignoring your question, but you can't just up the amperage of the breaker unless you've upgraded all of the downstream wiring in the walls to match. Big fire hazard if you don't.

No idea why the sound would change.
Don't put a 30 amp breaker in a 15 amp circut !! that is a fire waiting to happen. For a 30 amp breaker you need 10 gage wire. If you wire is less then 10 gage the wire burn up before the breaker ever trips. Get a new 15 amp breaker and try your tests again.
It is an intersting expermint though, After you replace it with the correct size, run it for a few weeks and see what happens, Then switch it back and see what difference you hear.

To be honest I have no idea...I would not use a 30A breaker in place of a 15A breaker may burn down your house.

Agree with Dave.
You're possibly experiencing a sound of the frying wires...:-)
Thanks for your replies.
The wire is 12 gauge.I will step down to 20 amp breaker.
The dynamics changed a lot with a 30 amp,a lot of headroom and the lights on my Panamax power conditioner are not flickering on the border of underpowering anymore.But fire hazard is something i don't want to play with.Once again,thanks to your advices.
Hello Again. You said nothing about the Panamax in line before. Take that piece of ?&$# out of the system. I am a Panamax dealer and that thing doesn't belong on anything above a $400 theater in a box. That is cutting the sound quality of your amp down about 30%. You need to be in a line canditioner above $2500 on that amp OR nothing at all. (my favorite is Shinyata. (don't know how to spell it because I am not a dealer. LOL)
I thought that audiophiles don't put any faith in "Specs". But Duane has let the cat out of the box...the one "Spec" that matters is Price! :-)
No,the Panamax if for cd player and preamp only,the amp is plugged into the wall.They do share the same outlet though.
Btw,the Panamax in my experience is way better than the current Monster/PS Audio stuff.As i understand Panamax had several owners in the past 5-7 years,mine is mid 90s model with upgraded cord and outlets.
Eldarford, there are rip offs and steals at every price. There are $800 amps that sound better than $2000 amps and $20,000 amps that are 10 times better than $10,000 amps.
You can't find a new amp for $300 that is any good because there is a minimum in every industry where you can't build stuff that cheap without cutting MAJOR corners. Line conditioners that don't starve amps start at $1600. Dishwashers that don't break, $700. Dress shoes that don't hurt to wear all day and don't go out of style, $300. Plasma TV's that look good and don't break $4500. Table saws that cut ebony and cherry wood all day without over heating $25,000. Wives that don't cheat on you and are good looking $1,000,000.
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