Changing amps?

So I am curentley thinking about changing to a different amp. I curentley use a Pioneer VSX-1014 7.1ch reciever. I use it to drive a set of JM Lab 906 speakers. My question is would it make sense and sound good for me to go to something like a NAD 7100 integrated or a Arcam Diva A 65+? Or would it be better to go with seperates if I can find them used. I was also really toying with the idea of a tube amp but I dont think I really have the budget for one. I have found a few cheap tube amps here on audiogon like the electric baby but I dont know if it could power my speakers well enough. Thanks for any advice.
You might consider the Prima Luna II/Upscale integrated at 40w/ch.There are posts here at AudioGon or talk with Kevin Deal.If you decide to buy tube amps,save yourself some gray hair and get them with auto-bias/soft start.
Forget the Prima Luna, overated and over reviewed. I would go for the Jolida 707a with stock OEM 5058 tubes or the Jolida 801a with stock OEM KT88's if you need more power. These amps are just amazing! Best bang for the buck in the tube world. Plus their integrated so you can always move up to a pre amp in the future. All you have to do is listen to them, for the most part reviews are full of crap! As far as biasing goes it's easy, you only need to do it for the power tubes anyway, you can pick up a digital volt meter at ratshack for about $15.00, it takes few minutes to do. The bias trim pots are on the top of all the new Jolida amps. Have fun!

Hmmmm - by "a set of JM Lab 906 speakers" do you mean a pair of 906s or an HT setup (of more than 2, as in 5 or 7)? If you just do stereo w/ a pair that would make a bit of a difference in which way to try (at least to me).

One of the things to maybe consider for now is to use the 1014 as a pre/pro and to get yourself a separate amp. That Pio is essentially an Elite in sheep's clothing, so it's not exactly chopped chicken liver. You could choose from a pretty wide variety of amps - unless you pretty much already have your mind made up on a Nad or Arcam or whatever. You could even try toobs, although I'm sure that's probably blasphemy to toobophiles. Going w/ a separate amp gives you more flexibility to pick & choose your (then current) poison - something harder to do w/ an integrated. You might (eventually) like flavor-A preamp w/ flavor-B amp - something you can't do w/ integrateds (w/o a chainsaw and really good glue... ;~). Just my $.02, YMMV, and good luck w/ this!
How about an Audio Refinement Complete or maybe the new YBA Initial Integrated. YBA is French like your JM Labs. Bryston, Redgum, Anthem, Roksan and Blue Circle all make good integrated's. You can't go wrong with any of these.

There is a McCormack Micro line drive and power amp for sale. A good starting point for a separates and always nice for small bedroom systems down the road.

If you want to get into tube's start with a pre-amp or hybrid. A tube amp probably won't give you the bass you the bass you have now unless youe use tubes on the speakers and a separate amp for your sub.
TAD monos,you could pick-up the system for $2600.It has a return policy-very important!One of AudioGons' members has a review posted.Tube Audio Design/Bizzy Bee?