Cheap hearing aids?

I'm thinking of trying non prescription items . Anyone w experience?
I tried a cheap pair and sent them back right away.
I was hoping that my listening to my stereo would be better. The electronic sound of the sods is a complete turn off. And the batteries drain in a few hours 
If I try others it will be through a professional with testing. I see that there are some designed for music. They are pricey but may be worth it.
You need to see an audiologist first.  Not all hearing loss is equal.  Then get hearing aids set up to compensate for your issues.  Your R&L are probably not even the same.
Do it right, don't make yourself more miserable.

You could just have Exostosis, everyone 20+ has it to a "certain degree", commonly called "surfers ear" or "truckers ear".
It’s where the ear canal which is 3/16" to 3/8’ diameter (which is bone with skin over it) grows shut to protect the ear drum against the cold water or wind.
Being a long time all year round surfer, I’ve had 3 x Exostosis ops done, two on the right and one on the left.
The right needing done twice because here in Australia we drive on the right hand side of the car, that means the right ear cops all the cold wind on it with the window down.

Each time I ask for it to be bored out over size so I can then hear even better, it’s amazing you hear like a bat after the op.

In America Exostosis more predominate on the left ear, because you drive on the left and have the cars left widow down when you drive.
Moto, don’t surf, or drive the car with the window down.

Cheers George

Those cheap non prescription hearing aids sound worse than the tin can telephones we used to make as kids. 
You may want to look into Simplicity Hi Fi 270 by General Hearing.  They are analog, designed for musicians, and have a 60 day return policy.  I used them for a few years until I moved on to more expensive Widex digital hearing aids.
Thanks very much to all. I'll check on  canal size. Also @mlg  which Widex do you like?
I just got the Widex Moment 440. It's like I upgraded my speakers. They are expensive. You need to get with audiologist.
ptss, I have the Widex Evoke 440.  They have programs for your phone that include an equilizer and volume for each ear that are adjustable as you listen, to fine tune them for music.  At the time I purchased them 18 months ago, my research indicated they had among the widest frequency range and among the widest dynamics.  I got an audiogram from a local audiologist, sent it to where I purchased them, and saved a couple thousand dollars on the price of buying them locally.  Hearsource can also give you free periodic checkups and re-program them remotely as your hearing changes.  I have no connection to them except a satisfied client.
Yes, you bet. They are terrible. The problem is that they amplify all frequencies and the vast majority of people have deficits at high frequencies only. Bad hearing aids make noisy situations like restaurants worse. The best hearing aids are DSP controlled and adjusted so they only amplify the frequencies that are down.
Bose made a product called "HearPhones" that were wonderful but for some reason they discontinued them. My older patients with hearing loss loved them. They were strongly directional noise canceling ear buds that had adjustable frequency response. We could do a hearing test and adjust the Bose accordingly. They cost $500. 
mijostyn, I believe they were $3,500, versus $5,500 at the ENT Dr.'s office.  The Widex Moment that hifijunkey bought, and linked to the reviews in his earlier post, is a newer model and was not available when I bought mine.  Of course the ENT Dr.'s office needs to charge a lot more to cover their costs for follow up service, business expenses, etc. versus an internet based business.
Wow. Thanks guys! Went to Audiologist today. Luckily hearing loss similar each ear. Will receive a copy of graph monday. Down about 20 in rt ear from 250 to 3000. Down 30 in left. Down 40 at 4000. Then dives down to minus 80 at 6,7 and only down 65 at 8, limit of test.  Not pleased with technician.  Said only latest n greatest aids can help. Your inputs are encouraging. Folliwing up next week. Will go for another test at different company. This one was pushing Oticon. Cheers to all !
One of the advantages of buying at the audiologist that I used were:
4 year warranty, one replacement of each hearing aid if lost. Full support with adjustments and cleaning if needed. These seemed to be the best ones for an audiophile. They made listening to my system way more enjoyable. I could buy very expensive loudspeakers and they wouldn't do me any good without these hearing aids.
Am trying a base level now. Enjoy music more - but these are not great. Interesting to hesr paper rustle again :). I will enjoy my hiking more . Im thinking of buying used as there seems a fair amount on offer. 1.5 yr old Phonak Audeo B50 avail for about $700 US. Trying to check out best way to have them adjusted and maintained. A couple of dealers were not interested. Scary
Loving the higher frequencies.  All woodwinds benefit significantly, likewise flute and horns. Nuance returns to music. Precious. Even though im trying the cheapest avail its enjoyable.
@mlg was upgrading a bit gain in music enjoyment? What did you notice? Cheers to decent hearing !


I'm not trying to be mean but in America we drive on the right side of the road and Australians drive on the left.
@ptss, yes it was like trading up to higher quality audio equipment.  Smoother, richer, more details, but still dynamic.  The OTC hearing aids were a little rough sounding compared to the more expensive ones.  You may want to check with an audiologist or ENT office to see if they have used or lower end ones that they will service.  The internet company I mentioned above indicates that they will re-program "most" hearing aids for $99 if you mail them in.  You may also want to research which brands and models are good for music.
If you purchase cheap hearing aids, you will certainly get what you pay for. Make sure you can return them for a full refund because I respectfully predict you will not want to keep them.

I ended up buying a higher end Phonak. After audiologist adjustments I'm very satisfied :)  Certainly the best hi fi upgrade I could make..

Those cheap things are not 'hearing aids', they're 'hearing amplifiers', which is why they are cheap (I wear hearing aids, and I did try a hearing amp once to see what it was like; I returned them). Real hearing aids are totally adjustable by a trained audiologist, who can work out the best EQ curve for you, along with multiple settings for different EQ's. Those cheap ones can be of some value, but they are far, far inferior to real hearing aids, hence far, far cheaper.