Chime in if you bought a second table that cost a fraction of your main table.

Let’s say this will be for those who have or had a main turntable setup in which the table and tonearm retail for $7K or more. You then went out and purchased a table/arm that retails for half (or less than half) of $7k. If this is your current or past scenario, what were your impressions. Please note: this is for someone who added the second table for the same setup, or a second system...not someone who simply downgraded. The reason for this thread is not to suggest that upgrades do not offer improvements... It’s geared more for the audio enthusiast who scratched and clawed to purchase what may be their last table. I thought it would be interesting to hear the thoughts of people who then added that lower cost table/arm, and their general experience with it coexisting with their higher priced table.


I have a high end turntable (Bergmann), and a mid-line turntable (MT5).  I always thought that I would keep the mid-level table for playing the older LPs from high school and other LPs in rougher shape.  

Problem is, everything, regardless of vintage or amount of drunken college abuse sounds better on my Bergmann.  I was trying to save the cartridge on the Bergmann, but it just sounds too darn good to not use it on every thing I spin.  Granted, I don't really own LPs with a bunch of scratches, pops & ticks.  

Could be just me, but I am always in a quandary trying to decide which table to play which LP.  I'm OK with One less decision in my life.

My biggest issue is wondering when to replace the cartridges.

That's a good point. I'm running in two new carts as potential replacements for the Deccas. I keep track by making hashmarks on a scrap of paper (like the scratchings on the wall of a prison cell, four verticals and a diagonal=5 disks=3.75 hours. One is said to require 20 hours, the other 50. We need a counter on the turntable!

Everybody should have a DD Technics deck with removable headshell as a spare/ backup/basic reference/nice thing to own- bit like the old Golf advert when VW and Mercedes  made decent kit before the bean counters and evil dealerships took over

I had a VPI prime 21 and loved it, Then got an Acoustic Solid 113 Bubinga as a second table ( it looked way better then the vpi) after set up I ended up liking the Acoustic Solid table better ( same cart), at half the price so sold the VPI.  saved money got great sound win win. 

A new Technics DD (like the 1200 G) has often run through my head as a cool option. I like the removable headshell, and ease of changing carts that it allows. I have a spare headshell for my Kuzma 313, and it's so nice to have. It's definitely a safe card financially...already a good buy new, with great resale...Reading in to reviews, I don't think their sonic flavor would be for me, but it's worth an audition to make my own judgment. That last sentence refers to their more affordable tables, not the reference model.