Chinese Power conditioners


Anyone with experience of some of the Chinese power conditioners like the one below:

Came across a couple of Indian firms selling power conditioners with simple RFI/EMI filters with similar specs as these and wondering if they imported the circuits and just put them in a box in India... Was tempted to buy one of these as the power supply in my area is quite bad. Just wanted to know if anyone has experience with these products or similar...
Why take a chance. For not much more money you could get a Furman PST-8 that's highly regarded and guaranteed to work.
I prefer the Comrade Mk II. Their slogan "you will USE this power and you will LIKE it!".
Only a couple of Furman products and that too for Pro Audio are stocked by the Indian distributor of Furman.. Also I would need a different power connector to connect my equipment with the Furman and therefore asking for alternatives .. I basically have just a digital amp (EU 2 pin version) to power with a laptop (Indian 3 Pin version) so looking for a viable alternative at a decent price...
The only way to be sure would be to try and get a look at the internals to evaluate it yourself.

At a lower price point you could look at APC.

If you buy one, do it only on the condition they will look into how Synergistic Research makes so much money.
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You get what you pay for.  If you're on that kind of budget, you're much better off getting a used Belkin Pure AV power conditioner on ebay.