Choosing a cartridge for new turntable

Planning on replacing my turntable setup.  Currently have a Thorens TD125 MkII with Shure V15 type III cartridge.  Planning on getting a Dr Feickert Volare with Kuzma tonearm.  The dealer is recommending the following cartridges:

-Sumiko Blackbird

-Soundsmith Carmen

-Hana SL

I don't have experience with any of these brands.  Individual reviews use similar superlatives, and haven't come across any direct comparisons.  Anyone with experience using these that can comment on the sonic differences?  I would be happy to choose a cartridge similar in sound character to my current Shure. .



And the winner is: Hana SL! It will extract more music from those vinyl grooves than the other two! The Shibata stylus rates as among the best profiles for trackability and less wear on the grooves!

As a frame of reference, I have a Shure V15 Type IV with a Jico SAS, the Hana SL, and the Soundsmith Aida II (a little up the food chain from the Carmen).  No experience with Sumiko carts.

The Hana SL is very neutral, perhaps even a bit on the "warm" side.  My Soundsmith cart is more lively and sounds more similar to the Shure.  Have you considered a JICO SAS stylus for your Shure?  It's a nice and relatively inexpensive upgrade.

I've heard several soundsmith cartridges and loved every one, as @big_greg stated they are a bit more "lively" than others I've heard. Something I prefer YMMV

@big_greg That's the kind of comparison I was looking for thanks.  Interesting I was leaning towards either the Hana or Soundsmith based on reviews.  Think I'll focus further research on Soundsmith, seems to suit my tastes.  Any downsides to the Soundsmith in your opinion?

Also I do have have a JICO SAS stylus, it's great.

I don't think you'd go "wrong" either way with the Hana or Soundsmith.  I just put my Hana SL on my main table a couple of days ago and what really jumped out at me is that it just seems a little less dynamic than many of my other cartridges and definitely in comparison to my digital front end.  Not that it's a bad thing, it's very easy to listen to and does pull out a lot of detail.  Another nice thing about Soundsmith is their retipping service.  It's 200 bucks to rebuild the Carmen.  I can't think of any negatives about Soundsmith, other than they seem to always be busy and retipping/rebuild may involve a bit of a wait.

Yes, I think you're right, I'd probably like either one.  But going with Soundsmith based on how you describe it and it being more similar to Shure is a good rationale.  Especially since I'll probably be anxious with new turntable and all, will just make it less likely I question the purchase.  Maybe in a year or so may consider trying something different like the Hana.  Thanks.