CineMag SUT

Hi all,

I would like to get a step up transformer for my Phase Tech MC cart P3G. I never experience it before but many Garrad & clasic stuff user would use CineMag CMQEE-3440A. The price is reasonable. If you are one of the user too, please share more. The most I want to know how it sounds (taste). The final question, I don't have any classic stuff but new turntable & tonearm.

Not sure it would be a good match for my system?

Scheu Analog turntable
Jelco tonearm
Phase Tech MC cart
I use the Bob's Devices SUT, which uses a CineMag transformer [not sure of the number]. It is very good and just got a good review in Stereophile, where it was thought to be almost as good as one costing 10 times as much.
The impedance and output voltage of the Phasetech cartridge are on the low side (5Ohm and 0.25mV output) so that the higher step-up ratio of the CineMag should work well. Worth an try.
I find it hard to describe the sound of good components except in relation to other ones of the same type and this is the only SUT I have. Look at the review in 10 AUDIO on line and the recent Stereophile review if you take the magazine or if it is available to you. I just find that it does what it is suppose to do with no obvious deficiencies and the sound depends on what you match it with.
I use a Bob's Devices Cinemag SUT, among other transformers, with Denon 103 and Ortofon SPU cartridges. The Cinemag has quite an objective sound, not dark nor florid, but harmonically rich and tonally correct. I have Koetsu and EAR transformers, and have used many other notable transformers in the past. The Cinemag is quietly correct, unerringly musical, detailed in the way natural acoustic music is enlivened by transient events, and with two-position gain, eminently matchable to a range of cartridges. It works quite well with Koetsu, SPU and has a special affinity for Denon moving coils.

Has anyone compared Bob's Cinemag SUT vs his Altec 4722 SUT in a koetsu cartridge ?
Which one would suit better ?

I have a Koetsu RSP and have used a bunch of different SUT's. The Altec 4722 and Cinemag are very similar. Not suprising as the Cinemag and Altec were designed by the same family (Father = Altec and Son = Cinemag). Between the two I'd choose the Cinemag only because any Altec used today is a NOS product as they have not been manufactured for years.

However, for my $ the SUT's I prefer with the Koetsu are the ones from Hashimoto. I get more detail with the Hashimoto and it also throws a larger soundstage. Only downside is that its also more expensive. John at Choir Audio sells both the Cinemag and Hashimoto products. His prices are very competitive.
Sib-thanks for the reply.
I have briefly tried the hash and find it a bit too detailed for my taste. Lean sounding but it was a 501 shelter cart.
I'm actually auditioning a friend home made altec 4722 similar to bobs. I like the results but its a bit pricey to buy a new one from bob. Where as the cinemag is a lot cheaper.
Half the price of the altecs from bobs.
When I was dealing with Bob he recommended the following in regards to the Koetsu:

1) Sowter
2) Cinemag
3) Altec

Bob's Sowter SUT was nice but in the end I just preferred a SUT with a little higher gain. No question that the Cinemag is the best value. I'm happily using a Cinemag (from Choir audio not from Bob)with a Denon 103R in a second system.
I have tried many SUT's and find the results are cartridge dependant. I like the Cinemag or 4722 best for 103 and a few others compared to Hashimoto or S&B but prefer the later on other like Clearaudio or Benz. I imagine phono pre effects choice also. The Silk SUT is in the league of the higher priced SUT for many carts and is my current favorite for my Stradivari. I think it would be great if there was a place you could rent them so they could be tried out.
Thanks guys.
I briefly tried the hashimoto but found it a bit too detailed & lean for my taste. But the soundstage, the refinement is really there. The gain was also a bit on the high side for me.
the Cinemag is the one am curious as to how these compares to the Altec. On the other forum a gentleman shared that both altec and cinemag are similar (father and son thingy).
I have been using a borrowed Cinemag SUT (Bob's) w/ a Shelter 501 pair (stereo and mono) on my VPI Aries, and I thought that it was good - certainly better than the old Audio Note AN-S2 I had been using. Neither SUT was resolving enough for my taste when hooked up to my Audio Note OTO SE phono amp.

After careful consideration, I ordered a Hashimoto-based SUT-H John Parker at Choir Audio. The unit just arrived last week and I hear a huge improvement in resolution and dynamics right out of the box! I don't see very many audio products that I can say make a night and day difference in my system, but this SUT is one of those.

I can't say enough about my positive experience dealing with John. He's a great guy and so far his level of service and communications have been second to none. Highly recomended.