Clapton/Winwood live at Madison Sq. Garden

As a hunter and collector of good music, I have picked up several live cd's recently worth noting. I have always admired the raw intensity of live recordings where artists have the opportunity to show what they are made of without any software covering up the rough spots.

Clapton/Winwood- Live from Madison Sq. Garden- two iconic rock stars having a blast playing from a forty year catalog. Quality recording. Gotta love "Can't Find My Way Home."

Dixie Dregs- Live From Ct. - This 3cd set is an import I bought off of amazon.UK. Steve Morse is one of the best guitar players on the planet and this performance from 2001 has the band in rare form. Nice 15 minute version of "Cruise Control"

Chuck Leavell- Live in Germany.- This two disc set was recorded last year after the Stones tour.Chuck is probably the finest rock and roll pianist in the world. He plays with a small group of jazz session players he picked up in Germany. There are old Sea Level songs, Stones covers, and original tunes from his solo work. Some of his vocals are a little rough, but he more than makes up for it when he tickles the ivories. "Blue Rose" is a highlight.

Last, but not least- The Allman Brothers Band- Live at the 2007 Jazzfest. Bought this off of the Jazzfest website. Two cd package with a quality recording featuring guest artists Chuck Leavell and Derek's wife Susan Tedeschi. Chuck played with the Allman Bros. for several years and does a fine solo on "Jessica." Greg's voice is very strong on this recording. The cover of Van Morrison's "Into The Mystic" will remind you why you built your system to begin with.

Anybody have any other recent recomendations? I listen to all genres of long as it is good.
I'd love nothing better than to play as well as Chuck L. he's great. he does get around too... playing with numerous artists over the years... I especially like the things he did with Marshall Tucker,(Where We All Belong) and with Eric Clapton (Unplugged>Running on Faith), and other's I simply don't recall just now. Sea Level, huh? I remember them... Sea Cruise.

Untill recently, I've not been enamored with Live albums, generally speaking. lately though some well recorded ones are awesome and have lead me to further investigations.

I'm not a big fan of Michael bolton, but his 'Till The End of Forever', (live/studio) album comes off very well done in both venues... with some very emotive covers of R&B songs that are simply great no their own, and he does them very well.

"A Tribute to Billy Joe Shaver" is a fine enough recording, featuring many other South Western song writers and song stylists doing Billy's songs and some of their own songs Billy inspired them to write.

Paul Thorn's recently released double CD set which duplicates each song, with both live and studio versions... apart from the drunk woman on a couple of the live tracks the whole of the CD set is quite good. It's pretty much a 'Best of' as well and mostly solo acoustic interest.

Pop and/or Rock usually do have the stigma of commonlly recorded, without the quality being foremost, ultimately formulated on content alone. however I'm finding many DVD's of the same events are better sounding versions. Santana, AC DC, Cream (Royal Albert Hall), several of the Unplugged series from MTV, etc.
When I saw your headlines, I suddenly asked WHEN??? but was dissapointed by the 'text body':-(
I was realy ready to buy tickets. Kinda tired of listening to the recording media... Even my set up doesn't please me anymore as seing folks live.
If you enjoy western swing/honky tonk type music, you have to get Wayne "The Train" Hancock "Swing Time" recorded live at the Continental Club in Austin,TX. This is an excellently recorded live album(CD).