Steve Winwood Nine Lives lp

All Winwood fans go and get this super fine lp. This is Steve at his best. 9 songs on 2 long playing lps that has super sound and a fine production.
I always pick up new music when I go on vacation....I just picked this one up last week as I knew it was out and have always enjoyed Steve Winwood's stuff.....this is no exception, great music here and recorded very well.., but sorry Stltrains, that I only bought it in a CD not on vinyl. Still, a must have
Great album.

More reminiscent of Traffic's John Barleycorn than any of his solo work.

Highly recommended.
I bought it on CD, just finished listening to it. Now
I wish I had gotten it on vinyl. It's the best thing he's done since Traffic, and equal to that.
wow i had a totally different experience with this album. the first two tracks i liked but after that i was disappointed.
I wasn't knocked out during the first few playings.

However, the percussion, rhythms, and the old Traffic flute solos really grew on me. The B-3, as always, is terrific.

Clapton is awesome on Dirty City.

If you're expecting Back in the High Life and/or Roll With It, I could understand the disappointment because it's neither of those.
All this is the closest to Traffic Steve has come IMO. I like all of Stevie's music but especially Traffic early Winwood groups and sitins. I am enjoying this LP and its fine sound totally.

I believe that Steve belongs up there with all of the greats of classic rock and roll. Hes in my top 5 for sure and still pumping out the material. I've been lucky enough to catch him live twice at New Orleans Jazz Fest and one intimate show at the House of Blues here in the big easy were it was mostly Traffic songs.
I'm going to see him live next week at the Myerhoff Symphony Hall in Baltimore.

Has anyone caught him live yet on his current tour?

I haven't been this pumped for a concert in a while.

A legendary artist with a huge body of essential work and a fine new album for the first time live in a first rate concert venue with awesome acoustics....

I'm pumped!
Mapman hoping the tour comes close to my area a no brainer catching Winwood in concert. Enjoy and let us know just how good the show was.