Clarity Cables

I know Wig was excited about his Clarity Cables in two other threads.

My experience is just starting with Clarity Cables.

Last week I ordered an Organic Digital cable and a Vortex power cord. This week I placed the cables in my system.

First I removed a 4 year old Lessloss digital cable that I paid $300.00 for, my best digital cable in the house. My other digital cables are in the budget range.

The Organic Digital ran from a Sooloos server to an Antelope DAC. The mid level DAC from Antelope. The DAC is on a RWA Black Lightning. In place was a WSS cable to a RWA preamp on battery to a Tron 211 amp by route of WSS cable. Then Tron speaker cable to the Horning Algame speakers. The Tron is fed power by an Isotek Titan by way of a WSS power cord. I use a 20 amp dedicated circuit. And room treatments by a guy that works with Jam 'n Audio, which improved my room more than any equipment or group of cables could ever effect.

The Organic digital was a big improvement in the areas of air and soundstage coherence. I also noticed a nice improvement in liquidity; ease of listening. I would say the music had more contiguity, if that can be comprehended. I don't think I gained or lost any bass attributes. The upper midrange really improved with less useless energy (my opinion), but no loss of tonality and density. And the treble seemed more comprehensible.

Dynamics were more enjoyable, a little quicker in the micro area. And I felt there was a loss of distasteful (my opinion) grain on the leading edges.

I am thinking simply that the high frequency range was improved by a reduction of noise. I just went ahh after a minute or so. The cable is not broken in yet.

Then I replaced the WSS power cable to the amp with the Vortex and worked much harder to find any differences. I think the tonal balance was in a small measure increased in the highs. I don't know if this was added energy (good or bad) or more presence to those instruments. I should move the Vortex around and listen again.

Because of the nice outing with the Organic Digital, I ordered an Organic RCAs interconnect. I am hoping for similar changes, but that will be next week to prove.

The clarity people seem nice. Their prices would be well above budget cables but well less than gasp prices.

I also have a Wywires RCA interconnect coming in.

Good to hear your positive experience with Clarity Cables. I don't know if your cables are broken in, but I highly recommend putting them on a Audioharma cable cooker, the end results are breath-taking. Local friend conditioned mine, just paid shipping. You are going to be amazed when you hear the organic IC, beautiiful sound that fills the entire room with a spectacular midrange. Other cables will sound thin in comparison.

Happy listening
Hi Wig;

I do have an Isotek break-in CD/FLAC but that would take a week or so. I will google cable cooker.

The digital Organic is 1.5 meter in length for clarification.
Here's a link to the cable cooker, way more effective than a break-in CD.
Thanks Wig

The Organic interconnect is now in and has the character of the digital. Biggest gains from the digital cable however.

Without the Isotek power cond the Vortex really opens up and differentiates itself from the WSS PC. I would guess this is the cable that gets the most improvement from break in. The WSS is much more rolled off in the highs and sounds romantic.

However, break in forward.