Clarity Organic Speaker Cables

I learned of these in June, reading Doug Schroeder's review in Dagogo. I acquired a pair in October, and have been listening happily since. My Tannoy Canterbury's are not a difficult load, but are very revealing. I had been using Anti-Cable biwire, alternating with Kimber 8TC, and everything was very clean with low colouration to my ears.

When I came upon a chance to try Clarity Organic, I did. I have been astonished at the added bass clarity and detail that I have been experiencing, as well as subtle details throughout the spectrum. These take me much deeper into the music, revealing room boundaries and depth much better.

Along with Jim Smith's 'Get Better Sound' I have been able to bring my system up to a very satisfactory level, and the
cables are rounding out the foundation.
They were the most clear, transparent cable I've had in my system. They turned out to be too revealing for my taste and with my current equipment. They are recommended for anyone who wants to bring more clarity and focus into their system.
Well... they aren't exactly inexpensive. Branislav, I take your "too revealing" comment to mean "too bright," for your taste and system, is that correct?

I recently had a similar experience with the DH Labs cables. I think their Revelation interconnects are fantastic and with only one pair in my system it remains quite well-balanced and it sounds like real instruments are playing in my room.

That said, when I installed the DH Labs Q-10 speaker cable the system had a huge multi-layered soundstage with excellent dynamics, detail, and clarity, but it became a bit too bright and I went back to my Audio Metallurgy Golden Reference speaker cables, which work extremely well with the DH Labs Revelation interconnects (for my system and taste).

I also love DH's Toslink optical digital cable. It's very inexpensive and very excellent.

Happy Holidays!
They were not necessarily too bright per say...but not a good combination with my Volent VL-2 speakers. I was looking for something richer with a more natural sound.I do admit that they were so advanced that it was like a changing a component, and I just changed an interconnect, and if someone has a great source and likes to hear everything, they are worth checking out.
Clarity Cable are the only brand of cable (tried 10+ brands)that allowed my components to come to life with more depth, texture and a soundstage that you can almost touch. I listen to alot of violin and cello music and Clarity captures every detail and subtle hall cues without any harshness or brighness. A wonderful sounding cable, keep in mind that they gets better with time...
Clarity cables bought out Z Cables if I'm not mistaken. I used their power cords way back when and found them extremely good for the money but not the last word in detail or transparency, just my opinion.
The Z cables designs have been retired; the Organic series are new designs by Chris Owen. I don't believe the former are available any longer.

I reviewed the Clarity line for