warm organic fullbodied AES cable up to 300 USD?

focus, timing, coherence and cohesiveness is most important.

looking then for more musicality with warmth and 3d body and great image density. dont care for resolution as my DSP based studio monitors are pretty accurate.

i know it will bring only 1% but i love my monitors and wont change them.

looking at the wireworld starlight cable at the moment.

also looking for a usb cable

+1 for the Neutrik emc connectors, I used to have more than one AES source and made up a number of cable/connector options to see if there was a difference. Using a Canford cable specifically made for the AES standard it was very noticeable that the highest spec emc connectors had better sound and far less "hash" in the background. Both the emc spec connector typed were significantly beter than the standard (non emc) neutriks. I seem to remember that at the time Neutrik offered two types of emc connector , one with partial screening (not the best) and one with full screening (the best) I still have one of the cables Neutrik NC-FXX EMC female to NC-MXX EMC linked with 40cm length of screened pure silver cable. I’ll have a look for the others as I think I still have them in a box of spare cables.
A quick look on the Neutrik site seems to indicate that they now produce only the highest spec type.
You should check out Rehuth..if you are looking for a great 3d, organic sound...they are not that cheap, but worth every $