Class D amplifiers. What's the future look like?

I have a number of amplifiers: Luxman C900U, Bryston 4BSST2, Audio Research VSI 60 Integrated, NAD C298 and some other less noteworthy units. As I swap them in and out of my main system, I've come to the conclusion my very modest NAD C298 is about all I really need. Granted if I had extremely hard to drive speakers, I might be better with the Bryston or Luxman, but driving my Harbeth 40.2 speakers, the NAD is just fine. 

I thought a while ago that class D would quickly overtake amplifier design type mainly due to profit margin which I think would be much greater than A/B and tube. I'm not saying the other design styles would go away, just that D would be the most common style. 

Clearly my prediction is not panning out, at least in the mid and high-end audio world and I'm wondering why? It seems companies such as Bryston, Luxman, McIntosh, Hegel and so many others are sticking by A/B. I'm no "golden ears" guy, but is the perceived sound issue(weather real or imaginary) still holding D back? Maybe my assumption of profit margin is not correct? Maybe the amplifier manufacturers are experimenting with D, but keeping tight lipped until release? Perhaps brand loyalists don't want change similar to what happened with "new coke". What else am I missing?



A crappy or over hyped review shouldn’t change anyone’s desire to audition or dump a component. A true test of a component is how it sounds (gels) within your system and to your ears.

@lalitk You got that right. If the manufacturer’s, distributor’s, dealer’s or reviewer’s lips are moving, they are lying- we’ve lived with that fact for so many decades, most of us grew up with it. So the only way to know what works, even for the jaundiced ’measurement only’ guys is to take the device home and play it in their system.

@atmasphere @lalitk Just to be clear, I found the review informative and loved how he compared the new amps to the M-60 and found the GaN amp to lack nothing compared to an excellent OTL amp (just as Ralph has maintained all along). That part meant a lot and spoke volumes to me. What would’ve made it much more meaningful and interesting would be comparisons to another GaN amp — hell any GaN amp — that would’ve made for a much more effective, informative, and useful review IMHO. But that’s too much to ask from rags like HiFi+ and TAS who’d rather not do all that extra work and expose themselves to any potential accountability — heaven forbid!!!  I’m sure someone soon will write a truly rigorous review that I think a product at the level of Ralph’s GaN amp demands, and I very much look forward to reading that.

The guy reviewed the M-60s in July 21.  Look up the review.....guess what?  In the review of the M-60s he did not even mention any other amp.  So, at least he is consistant....consistantly uninforming.....  He writes very good ad copy.  So, you have no idea how the M60s compared to anything else and then over two years later he tells you the M60s and the GaNs sound the same (from memory).  Gee, that is really enlightening.  Now I know everything there is to know about the possibilities of $6000 amps.....NOT!!!!

What is this mans purpose for reviewing if he is not going to tell you anything worthwhile?  What is the point of ever posting anything anywhere if it is not to actually inform and be of service?

The greatest service I can give you is tell you to go out and listen for yourself because you are NOT going to get any real information from reviews in magazines.  Posts on forums from those that have A/Bed in their own homes are generally more infomative.  Trust yourself.



Thanks for the pics of the Technics innards. Have you hear their newer model G700 Mk 2?

I have both a Ric Schultz EVS 1200 (based on IceEdge modules with his tweaks) and a stock LSA Voyager GaN 350 (both are dual mono in one chassis). As much as I raved about the EVS, I was smitten with the LSA in the SS rack. Since then I compared my WW exotic cables/XLR with Ali-E faux Nordost Odin 2, which I much prefer.  I have yet to compare amps since replacing my Solid Steel vertical rack with a horizontal 2' x ft 2" X 5' solid wood maple table, because in the process to horizontal I managed to take out one of the LSA modules, forcing me to reinsert the EVS, and must say, Ive been in no hurry to repair the LSA. When I do I will likely send it to EVS for upgrades

@arafiq yours is the best post in this thread so far. 

I’m not sure if it’s prudent to quote Steve Huff to prove your point.