Bryston's New Back To The Future Program.

According to James Tanner if you have a Bryston amp over 20 years old and out of warranty they will bring it up to spec. Also you will get a 3 year warranty. At the present time it's only available in North America. He also mentioned that if successful he may consider older Bryston preamps. No prices were given.


Although I'm no fan of the Bryston "sound", that is very admirable. You don't see that kind of service and attention to detail from most other companies. Bravo!



What is nice if you find a Bryston amp over 20 years old you have a guarantee for upgrading it w/a 3 year warranty. Not a bad deal. Gives you peace of mind in buying used gear.

This a pilot program, hope it goes well and expands to other parts of the globe.

I think they want to start on a smaller scale to see what the impact will be before expanding internationally.

Such an awesome company. Are they trying to make every other high-end Audio company look bad? Regardless, great freaking idea and deal.

Thanks for the notification Luxmancl38!

I've sent an email to Bryston to enquire about the program.  My 1988 Bryston 3B could benefit from some attention.  A although it's been very lightly used it has been powered on almost all of the time during the last 33+ years.

“Up to spec”.
Considering that there is a weak relationship between specs and SQ in the view of many members of this forum, the promise is no panacea for owners hoping their old amps will sound like new. Just sayin’…

promise is no panacea for owners hoping their old amps will sound like new. Just sayin’

Minor point for some it seems. This is the official address if you're interested in the pilot program. If you decide to do the upgrade give us the cost and the results.

Hey Ozzy62. I'm thinking the the positive commen about the Bryston program would have been great without the tired, worn out pejorative comment about the "Bryston Sound".


Here is some info and prices on the program. All the options below can be mixed in that case the price you pay will obviously vary. Prices include shipping both ways.1. Complete check of all electrical and mechanical functions and replacement of appropriate parts. Example: filter caps, rear panel switches, power cord , power switch, removal, cleaning and replacement of thermal paste on all currently installed power output devices. Plus anywhere the amp doesn’t meet original performance criteria. Price $1000. 2. Cosmetic Upgrade: Includes reworking the faceplate, top and handles. This includes a total refinishing of the current hardware. Doesn’t include back panel or heatsinks. They will do their best to fix dents, bends and imperfections. 3. Output power transistors replaced with the most recent applicable power devices. This includes the removing and the reassembly of the amps heat sinks and the removal of the older power transistors. All the power transistors are replaced w/the most up to date applicable versions. You can e-mail Dave nelson at Bryston and they will send you a brochure on request if interested.