Classe CDP-1.5, 1 or .5 experience??

Hi, I would appreciate hearing feedback from people that own or have owned any of the above one-box Classe cd players. Please ownership experience only...not just people defending what they own.
Hi...just some other information from my first post (the first one in this thread). After returning three 1.5s for skipping, the dealer told me they had to return 2 or 3 others for the same problem - tracking/skipping. The best players I have ever heard or owned were: anything by Meridian, and California Audio Labs. After the bad experience with the three Classe 1.5s, I auditioned and purchased the CAL Audio Labs CL-15. Price: $1,595 ($2,100 with balanced inputs). Great sound, great machine from a company that specializes in CD players. Stereophile rated this model as "B, but borderline Class A in the right system". While no one should buy a component based solely on a Stereophile rating, check it out or audition it and see if you agree. By the way, I still like Classe amplifiers and I own one.
I currently own (bought new) a CDP-1; the first Classe CD Player. Up until about a year ago, I felt it was bulletproof, as well as one of the best "one box" CD Players. Currently I have a problem where it intermittently doesn't read a CD. Once the CD is read (at first load), it is terrific. Unfortunately, a call to Classe has indicated that the problem cannot be fixed....that a $2500 CD player is (soon to be just)a paperweight. That dissapoints me. However, I don't learn very well; I'm considering buying a CDP1.5
Probably just needs a new transport. Parts Connexion should have the philips transport for you.
I have had the cdp.5 for several years w/out any problems. Reads cd fine and sounds great. Built like a tank!
Great sounding audio w/my Classe Cap 150 and BW matrix speakers.