Classe Omega SACD Player

Anyone heard the new Classe Omega SACD player? The recent Stereophile review was positive, but then for $12,000 the Classe ought to be good.

Opinions on the SACD player, or Omega series in general?
Ougth to be good? It better be out of this world for that kind of money.
Classe in general is a great product
where do you guys get so much money to put on a single cd player ???

i won't even have 12 000$ budget for all my complete system until 10-15 years for sure..and even there i don't think i would put that kind of money into one component..

is it really worth it when u get to a certain quality to upgrade to 12 000$ cd player ?

Well, my situation is that I currently own all Classe gear (amp, pre-amp, cd player). I like what I have, so much so that I've been considering a move to the Omega series. If I take the leap to that price level, it will likely be a one-way trip for me; I don't imagine I'll buy additional equipment beyond that point.

So the question arises: Are the Omega components sufficiently better made / better sounding to warrant the upgrade cost?