Classe Phono Stage

Ok, ready to get roasted here but here go’s! Gave up the vinyl years ago for the convenience of CD’s. Please don’t chime in about sound difference. A dozen years ago I acquired a Classe CP-45 preamp which I love. My question is as many pre’s from that era have phono input jacks and a phono/aux position on the source knob, does it actually have a phono preamp or phono stage inside. Was it optional on this preamp or did they come standard. I’m considering a return to vinyl but this may be a deal breaker. I do have a streamer/DAC plugged into these input jacks and works great but again, does that mean that this preamp is turntable ready? Thanks for the love and stay safe Brothers and Sisters in Audio.
If you have a line level source plugged into an input marked for phono with no issues I would venture to say it is a line level input with no phono built in. Enjoy the music.
An internal circuit board providing phono capability was optional with the CP-45.  Without that board the phono/aux input functions as a line-level input, similarly to the other inputs.  Since you have a streamer/DAC plugged into the phono/aux input, and that works well, it is clear that the phono board is not present in your unit.

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Thanks for the info everyone, it makes sense now. I think most of my equipment, Bryston 4bSST2, Classe CP-45 pre, MD 90t tuner, Classe CDP 1.5 disc player is decent mid-fi equipment. Would one of the new turntables with a built in preamp be comparable listening quality without breaking the bank having to get a separate phono stage? Thanks to all. 
You can pick up a multitude of phono preamps today for <$500 that will sound  = or better than the original option.
Only your ears can decide which one you like.