Classical Music: Dorian Label

I recently picked up a couple cds under the Dorian label that combine really nice performances with outstanding sound quality.  The ones I have are:  Korngold: Sinfonietta; Violin Concerto, Homage to Sarasate, Max Reger: Three Sonatas for Unaccompanied Violin; and Max Reger: Four Sonatas for Unaccompanied Violin Op.91, Vol,II.

Can anyone suggest other cds in the Dorian catalog that are worth pursuing.


I have several Dorian "sampler" discs that have a nice variety of music all in SOTA sound!  Check out the samplers if they are still available. You can get a couple of them on Amazon and more on Ebay.
I have and enjoy solo piano music by Antonin Kubalek on Dorian, especial his 2 volumes of Brahms. He has a number of solo piano recordings I also have and enjoy, ’Czech Miniature Masterpieces’, ’My gift to you’ (piano Encores), ’Tchaikovsky’s Seasons’. There are several excellent Harp recordings if you like that instrument as well a lute.

Dorian has quite a few recordings on Amazon. You should take a look and try some of the music that might appeal to you. Its all good, at the worst and the recordings a often unique. Enjoy.
Dorian was a top-notch, audiophile oriented recording company back in the 90s and early 2000s.  They made a lot of recordings in the Troy Music Hall, a superb acoustic.  I have quite a few of their recordings.  If you like early music, The Baltimore Consort made a number of recordings on the label, they are uniformly excellent, as are lute songs with Ronn McFarlane and Julianne Baird.  Jean Guillou made quite a few organ recordings for them, a bit eccentric but well-recorded with prodigious bass (one with the Dallas Symphony is worth getting for the Jongen piece in it).  There are also the Kubalek recordings newbee mentions (I too like the Brahms recordings), and a number of chamber and orchestral groups that are high quality, both recordings and performances.  Newbee is right, try the music that would appeal to you, I think you'll find it worthwhile.  I'm listening to the Baltimore Consort right now, and the CD sounds as good as ever.
Thanks for all the great suggestions. Just purchased Lute songs with McFarlane and Baird, Kubalek Czech Miniature Masterpieces, Dorian Portrait sampler, and McFarlane Renaissance — all in new or mint condition for $21 total (shipping included).. some good deals out there if you are into cds.  Trying to hunt down some of the other suggested titles, especially the Kubalek Brahms recordings.
One I have is 'Celtic Dialog'. It is a beautiful combination of fiddle/violin and piano. One of my favorites. Also I have the 'Solid Brass At the Opera" great recording in an old stone church I believe. The 'Lute Songs' are nice, and also the Kubalek piano recording is good. I would recommend the 'Celtic Dialog" and 'Solid Brass' both different and cool in their own right.
Thanks again. Also picked up the Celtic Dialogue suggestion after sampling on Amazon. Lot’s of new, interesting music on its way.. looking forward to it...
Sounds good. Please report back when get a chance to relax and give it a good listen.