Classical music newbie needs your suggestions

I purchased around 300 like new classical albums last summer. Music from a wide range of composers. I also purchased around the same amount of operas. (I may sell those).

I’m finally retired and able to pursue a lifelong desire to understand and enjoy classical music.

Pieces that move you to tears, or pluck heart strings. Your all time favorites.
The albums you’d take to that desert island.
Any suggestions are welcome.


Don't be too hasty in discarding the opera. 

I was of the same opinion regarding classical music versus opera and now I listen to opera exclusively.

@thomas_vick Is correct. Start with Puccini and enjoy the ride.


For superior sonics, Stereophile and The Absolute Sound magazines have a “records to die for “ list .  Not sure if you can look online.

maybe Google “most popular classical music” where I got this link:

You can also look at Discogs for album reviews


Puccini is a great place to start with opera.  Btw, the opera “Carmen” is by Georges Bizet,  not Puccini.  For Puccini I would start with La Boheme.  

@frogman - glad you weighed in, I was kind of waiting for a post from you here. Happy Schwanzsa!