Cleaning Method

I have some older gear with an "older" patina.

In many for sale ads the faceplates are bright, shiny looking practically new.

Considering cleaning the faceplates but unsure of what to use. Have seen some mention of an ammonia solution, no mention of strength.

Could the lustre be due to a wax? If so what type?

As you may surmise I want to preserve the silk screening.

So I am sure there are those of you with considerable experience cleaning older gear and am looking for advice.

Thanks for any assistance.

Try some Goo Gone from your local hardware store. It won't add any sheen or brightness to the metal but it will take off any aging due to grime, dirt, fingerprints and dust. It may be all you need to restore the original look.

All the best,
I like to use Camera lens cleaning fluid. It is gentle but effective when it comes to grime and film residue. I also think you may have success with the Goo Gone. Try in a inconspicuous area to be sure that it does no damage to the surface you are working on.
Corazon - Be careful with ammonia. Ammonia or any solution with alkaline pH (>8) will NOT be good for aluminum.