Cleaning Multiple records at once recipe...

Hi folks had success cleaning records in 'Light Wash' setting with hot water manually shut down and small amount of Cascade liquid detergent.
The record surfaces come out PERFECT and labels are untouched once dried.
Placed some 78rpm, and pressings of various years from 50's to 80's, 90's and none got warped or damaged among all placed.
Than fit about 20 valuable records onto the tray, push button and BINGO. The quality of cleaning is near or above VPI.
The cycle took about 15m for light wash
I find it very hard to believe that the labels don't get
trashed? I've even seen this on RCMs if the user isn't
careful with applying the fluid.

Thanks anyway, but I'll stick with my VPI...

BTW, did you get help from the Cascade Kitchen Counselor?

(Now wouldn't that be a cool commercial? Two audiophiles are
in the kitchen arguing over whether the dishwasher will
clean vinyl records. The Cascade Audiophile Kitchen
Counselor (CAKC) comes in and states that Cascade will get
those vinyl records clean. Maybe I should sell this idea to
Automatic dishwasher detergent has a lot of grit in it to do the equivalent of sandblasting to do the cleaning because you are not there to rub the dishes. I do wonder if the use of such abrasives, and the possibility that some might remain lodged in the groove, makes this a dangerous proposition.

I don't even use the dishwasher for good glassware or dishes because of the abrasion. Glassware becomes hazy from the sandblasting with abrasives.
I only use tiny drop per 20 records.
I sell records at the store front and often buy collections that aren't clean.
Can't spend time to clean them individually in VPI that I have.
I land on VPI only pricey records.
There are devices out there that will seal off the labels. I have one and it really works when I steam a record. Watch out, Harry will be angry, doesn't want Whirlpool cutting into his business high price machines. DIY can be very scary.

Interesting way to clean records, but not as strange as the wood glue method, I'm sure some of you have heard of.

However, this is the most ridiculous way on How to clean your vinyl records.
My frontloading machines do large batches of records... two or three dozen per cycle. The machines use less detergent and water per LP, and a dash of bleach really lightens up the labels.

To avoid static cling I use the damp dry setting for most records. I only use full dry if I'm going to listen right away. For records with overly hot HF's, the high heat setting for 1.5 hours really softens them nicely.

Anyone wanna buy a Loricraft?

I think the Ultrasonic V-8 does a great job cleaning 16 sides
at once in 10 minutes.
I've built so far plastic protective label clamps. It's a plastic circle with crank seals glued with denture glue onto the surface. With these clamps and hot water shut down I can run whole cycle with no worries at all. I've cleaned hundreds of 45's so far no issues.