ClearAudio aurum beta s vs. virtuoso

I have been happy with the steel heavy body. But having snagged my cantilever, I want to trade in for the lighter wood body. Any thoughts? Not ready for MC.
i believe stereophile did a comparision between the 2 cart,you can search thier archives,i think they said that the virt.did everything a little better and a little more refined than the S.
Aceto,if you do get the virt. id like to hear your thoughts,as i now have the s version and have considered upgrading to the virt.,,Ray

I've owned both (metal body versions; never heard the wood), and felt that the Beta-S gives you about 90% (and some) of the performance of the Virtuoso. The Virtuoso has a lower compliance, and sounds a little more refined, and does the extremes slightly better. However, on a cost vs. performance ratio, I don't think the Virtuoso justifies its price vs. the Beta-S, which is a hell of a MM catridge. Good listening,

I have a borrowed an Aurum -Beta at home (Avid table/RB300 arm), and found it a little "light" sounding (alive)

Is this a sonic signature of the Aurum-Beta, or for the matter, any Clearaudio cartridge ????