Clearaudio ceramic bearing upgrade

Anyone tried it? What's your impression? I assumed it would create a darker background and probably more dynamic. But what about wear? Ceramic will be harder than steel and will wear out the steel shaft and thrust plate faster, wouldn't it?

Clearaudio (or Musical Surrounding) wants an even $100 for that ceramic ball bearing, not expensive, but not cheap either. Are there good sources out there that sell comparable quality ceramic bearing for less?
call john barnes @ audio unltd (303.691.3407) for advice. i don't know which clearaudio tt you have but can practically guarantee you that their upgrades work. very well. FWIW: i just aquired a one-off master solution and graham phantom arm that were shown at the audio show in denver last weekend. beats the livin' hell outta' my vpi tnt/airtangent combo.
Holy cow a rare Cornfedboy sighting! Kelly we all miss your wit and insight, where ya' been? Oh that's right you're the lawyer for the 'Gon right? Aw never mind but good to hear from you.