Clearaudio Concept carts

Hi, this table is just great with teh stock MM cart but when the upgrade itch comes what are some good MM and low output MC carts for this table/arm up to $1000? I know Benz is good, what else? Would the Zu 103 be a good match? Thanks
You should find out what if the compliance of the tonearm and match the cartridge to that number. You can google some of the turntable set up sites and use their calculators to figure this out. I had a Koetsu Rosewood Signature on a SME V and it sounded great but the Koetsu's compliance was not optimal for SME V tonearm. When I upgraded to the ZYX 4D it was a very huge step up in sound. I think the biggest part of the upgrade in sound quality was due to the ZYX 4D falling in dead center of the range in which an acceptable compliace for the SME V. The Clearaudio Concept is a killer turntable.
I swapped out the Concept MM for the Concept MC and was very satisfied with the price/performance upgrade. Way, way more detail and air around the instruments. I bought mine used but it was from a guy who bought the package and it was unused for less than half the price of retail. They pop up for sale occasionally.