Clearaudio Concept cueing lever dropping

Hi all

I recently purchased a used clearaudio Concept table with the standard arm and mm V2 cartridge. I have read a few posts about how the cueing lever sticks on these arms. It is also noted in the manual and what to do to avoid it however I have the opposite problem. It seems that the damping oil has leaked to the point it is dropping almost at full speed and the only way to cue properly is for me to manually drop it all the way to the record. Is this something that can be repaired or I need to replace the whole lever?






Just add a higher viscosity silicone fluid. Had same issue with a different brand turntable arm lift, fixed it. 

I had the same problem on my Tracer tone arm. The dealer replaced the whole cueing lever assembly. The damping oil was not leaking it just kept dropping.

Is it a hardship to stand by and control the cueing? I usually do that even where the damping is doing its  job.