Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement v2 vs My Sonic Lab (MSL) Signature Platinum

I have been using the Goldfinger Statement v2 on a Graham Phantom Supreme tonearm for quite a few years and am thinking about upgrading the cartridge.  Clearaudio has just released the Statement v2.1.  I am not sure if I want to stick with Clearaudio.  I do love the Statement v2, but I also want to explore other brands.  One brand that comes to my mind is My Sonic Lab as I listened to one of their models (not Gold or Platinum) on the same tonearm in a friend's house and it sounded very nicely. I read the background of the designer for MSL and it is very intriguing. Would you share your experience with both cartridges?


I own a Signature Platinum and have used Clearaudio Cartridges but not the Goldfinger. The Platinum is an exceptional tracker and a bit on the warmer side of neutral. It has a higher output giving a great signal to noise ration. It is also very low impedance making it great for transimpedance or current mode phono stages. It will be a bit less tense working with it as it does not have an exposed cantilever. It is not as detailed, dynamic, or neutral as Ortofon's MC Diamond, but the diamond is very low output and unless you have an exceptional phono stage you will hear hiss at louder volumes. SS phono stages and transformers only need apply. 

I have a MSL Platinum, and it sounds great. I haven't heard the Goldfinger.

This would also be a good place to search and to ask your question.