Clearaudio Satisfy lift sticking

The lift mechanism for my Clearaudio Satisfy tonearm isn't lowering properly. The weight of the arm doesn't push it down. It seems like there is some sort of hydraulic system in there which allows the rest to lower slowly. Should I lubricate the shaft of the lift below the arm rest, or is there another way I can get in there and fix it? I see some screws/allen screws, but am afraid to touch anything. Please advise.
I would suggest first trying to repeatedly lift-lower arm. Perhaps you aren't using the Table enough? Usually things don't gum up, where they get tighter, and more often, they start to fall, like a tone of bricks.

Perhaps try one very small drop of sewing machine Oil to the Shaft of the Arm Lift, and see if this helps first? Mark
This is what I got from musical surroundigs when I had same issue.

"Sometimes the lubricant inside of the cueing assembly hardens due to temperature swings (for example in shipping) and this causes the cueing assembly to get "sticky." We suggest leaving the arm in its rest (protect the stylus) and gently press a finger on the cueing lift platform, preferably over the attaching screw. Then raise and lower the cueing lever perhaps a dozen times keeping gentle pressure on the cueing platform. This usually solves the sticking problem--if it does not, then you should return your arm to your dealer for service."

I still have the same issue but just live with it.
Thanks guys. I'll try Mainiac's sugestion. I've got the tracking force set pretty light--1.75g--per Peter Lederman's (SoundSmith) recommendation, but it should still fall when I lower the lever. I work around it, but I like watching the gentle fall of the arm and listening for the bop as the stylus fits into the groove!

BTW Markd51, I use it every day.
Rosedanny, glad you got it to work. Mine works most of the time but every now and again it sticks. It sounds like this may be a common issue with this arm. Easy to live with though, just a light pressure on the lift and it will ease the cart into place. Happy listening.