Clockwise or counter looking at the panel?

I apologize for the stupid quesion but I have a set of MIT interconnects with locking RCA's that I a trying to remove. When I installed them, I only tightened by hand but now when trying to remove them they don't budge either way. I was going to take the pliers to them but didn't want to tighten them further by accident. I assume counter clockwise (that being how most things unscrew)but it didn't work by hand....

righty tighty, lefty loosey. if you're gonna' use a tool, make sure the business end is wrapped in rubber or leather to protect the fittings. -cfb
From the front of the gear turn counterclockwise to loosen - from the rear (if that's what you mean by looking at the panel), it'd be clockwise.

Good luck.

MIT goes the other way. Right to loosen. Its not that its left threaded its the design of the locking rca's.
Wstritt- cfb's rhyme is right, but the advise is wrong. Looking from the back, hold the knurled end thats closest to you, and turn the locking barrel (closer to the unit) clockwise.
i quite clearly was unaware that mit's locking "jackets" are reverse threaded. please ignore my ryme and follow the advice of all those above with more knowledge of your cable terminations than i. sorry to have misled you. (the part about wrapping the ends of your pliers, etc., if you need them, still stands.) -cfb
The MIT RCA barrel has two parts - stationary and rotating. The stationary barrel is to the rear, closest to the cable jacket. Both barrels have knurled grips. To remove, hold the stationary barrel firmly and turn the front (rotating) barrel by the knob counter-clockwise (looking down - right side up left side down or clockwise from the back). The rotating barrel will travel rearward towards the stationary barrel until it stops against it and the gold locking clinch is visible around the units' rca plug. Now it can be removed.

To install, make sure the RB is fully back where you see the clinch. Place on the jack while holding the SB and push firmly towards the unit until it stops. Turn the RB clockwise while continuing to apply pressure towards the unit as it locks (or else it might slide off as the clinch is tightening).
let me add another warning. as most people have said, mit's locking clamps work in reverse. you hold the stationary part, and rotate the moving part clockwise, and it will travel back towards you. HOWEVER, some of those damn cables can still be quite stuck on, even in the loosest position. you can yank the connection right off your amp or preamp if you're not careful. you have to kind of walk it back off still. and of course, MIT makes cables that don't have locking clamps, that just have your standard tightening mechanism like all other cables. if you're dealing with one of those, it's back to cfb's rhyme. the new 330 series has the locking clamps. the terminator series is like other cables.