Coda Class A Amplifiers

I am wondering how Coda class A amplifiers compare with other class A designs from Pass, Gryphon, etc. I am considering their 16.0 flagship class A amplifier. Thank you!
Did you read Terry London's reviews here and on the audio websites that compares the CODA #8 to $15K PASS amps. He says the #16 is better than the #8. I have the CODA #8 Version 1 and for the most past I like it. It is a little noisier than I prefer and maybe lacks the ultimate in clarity, but I do enjoy the overall sound it produces.
Thank you yyzsantabarbara for your valuable opinion and directing me to the informative review! Coda has obviously passed under my radar for a while.
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I have had both the Pass Labs XA60.8's, as well as the XA160.8's in my set up. I now have the Coda Model 16 in the rack and I would not consider going back to either of the previously mentioned Pass amps. It is THAT good!
I too have the Coda #16 and I’m very happy since it is nothing short of spectacular. I wished I could compare it to those other amps you mention but I cannot. It does however far exceed my old Plinius SA103.
Can Coda 16.0 owners comment on the utility of front panel meters please. They are attractive but add $2500 to cost. I’m getting ready to make a decision shortly. Thanks everyone!
Purely aesthetics, and personal preference. I went with the silver face and no meters. 
Thanks laaudionut! I like your choice. I’m less interested in meters and other bling as I get older….just a great amplifier, with excellent connectors/posts, in an attractive case. I appreciate your input as always.
I really like the look of the VU meters on my CODA  #8 amp, but I can also imagine that  some people might find the illumination overpowering in a darkened room.
The meters actually were useful for me recently. I normally use the CODA #8 with my floorstanders. At the moderate volume levels I listen to the meters hardly move. There is a new sensitivity setting to make the meters more responsive, but it still does not dance too much for my floorstanders.

However, when I setup my RAAL SR1a headphones on the CODA #8 the meters were moving a bit more and a slight increase in volume made the meters dance. It validated my observation that the RAAL sounded better with amps with tons of power. So the meters are useful for me.
What makes the Coda 16.0 that much more expensive and heavier than the #8? I believe I read they both have a 3000 VA transformer.
If you send Doug Dale an email at he will answer all your questions. He also picks up the phone at CODA.

Tel: 916 383-3653

@audiobrian What preamp (if any) are you considering with the CODA #16. I have the CODA 07x and the Benchmark LA4 and they both are great with the CODA #8. They sound different but I love both. The CODA 07x preamp is also incredible with Benchmark AHB2 amps. My dealer also told me the LA4 preamp was used by a few of his clients with the CODA #8.
I am planning to continue using my VAC Renaissance mkV line/phono preamplifier with the 16.0 or #8. Thank you for recommending I phone Mr Dale.
Though not specific to Coda, the meters found on home audio gear are almost never calibrated, and frequently misinform more often than inform.

What makes the Coda 16.0 that much more expensive and heavier than the #8? I believe I read they both have a 3000 VA transformer.


@audiobrian, the expense is due to the power supply and output transistor complement. The No. 8 has 80,000 microfarads of capacitance and the 16.0 has 280,000. I’m sure there are other changes with respect to rectification, despite them both having a 3kVA toroidal transformer. The output stage in the No. 8 has 20 bipolar junction transistors, whereas the 16.0 has 56. The weight difference is due to a larger (taller and deeper) chassis, accompanied with the massive metal heatsinks on each side that are much beefier than those included with the No. 8.

The meters also add significantly to the 16.0’s costs. You can get it without meters for $2,500 less (MSRP).

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