Coincident dragon mk2 vs Cary 211FE

Any one have compared this great mono block?
like to know that strength , thanks
I just bought a Coincident Dragon mk2, its an unbelievable amp. If you can, just buy it, might be the last one you buy.
It has power, detail, transparency.
My 1K bookshelf speaker sounds like a 7k speaker. Violins have timber, bass has tightness (even on a bookshelf). I was thinking I need a better speaker but once I got this amp, I am good.
I have not heard Cary so cannot say which is better, but would be willing to bet that the coincident smokes it (in my ears of course).
Hi Essrand
thanks for your reply, i was afraid whether dragon Mk2, have enough power to drive my Hansen Emperor 87db, 6ohms.
It does well with my 89dB, 4ohm speakers. Am not sure about 87dB, but your speakers being 6ohm might be more "tube-friendly" than mine.