Coincident Frankenstein SET and Avantgarde

I would love to hear opinions of members who actually used, or at least heard this particular combo.
My speakers are Avantgarde Duo Omega G2
Room is Rives designed 21x16x8 ft.
Its absolutely imperative for the amplifier to be dynamic in addition to all usual "audiophile" qualities.
I initially planned to go with SET amplifier by another company, but for reasons beyond my control, it's on indefinite hold for now.
If someone could also compare Franks with Lamm ML 2, Art Aodio PX 25, and other SETs, it'll be an added bonus for me
I don`t own the the Avantgarde but it 1s certainly a highly regarded speaker, I would imagine deservedly so.

The Frankenstein MarkII I know well(really well) as I`ve owned it the past 21 months, it`s in use practically every day for hours at a time. If the Avantgarde is relatively uncolored,honest and without it`s own editorializing, it should mate beautifully. The Frankenstein is an extraordinary SET amp. It has excellent dynamics,transparency,tone/overtones and is utterly pure and organic(minimal mechanical/electronic artifact).This amplifier should drive your speakers with an effortless control and very realistic scale and presence.

Gon member morganc has/is comparing this amp and the Art Audio PX-25, send him an email(I`m not aware of his conclusions).

I hope you have an opprotunity to personally audition the Frankenstein and judge for yourself.
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Thank you,
I realize, that "in theory" it should work well, just want to know a first-hand experience.
I'll try to reach morganc, it should be educational.
I have some experience with both the Coincident Frankenstein Mk1 and the Lamm 2.1. I did not like the Frankenstein. The build construction was poor and the transformers had a buzzing sound. The Franks were connected to Acapella horn speakers and you could hear the tube rush through the horns. Admittedly, these were Mk1 Franks and the newer Coincident Frankenstein’s maybe be better built and have a lower sound floor, but I cannot confirm this statement.

The Lamms, were in an entirely different league. Dead quite, well built, and had a very low sound floor. For an 18w amplifier, they sounded very dynamic and detailed. The only thing that I did not like about the Lamms was the price. If you can swing the price of the Lamm, I think it would be a no brainer. Enjoy!
Several years ago I ran Avantgard Duos and Trios with the Lamm ML2s, and it was a match made in heaven.
sorry about your unfortunate experience with an earlier model Frankenstein,it`s completely different from my MarkII version experinces. I`ve not read of other owners with your same complaint at all(numerous archives) but stuff happens even if very rare.

I think either amp would sound excellent with this speaker.For the record my amp is silent, one of It`s special attributes is an ultra low noise floor which allows inner detail, nuance and micro dynamics to flourish.

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Charles1dad, I have also heard the original Coincident Dragons and their build construction was also very poor. One of my friend's Dragons had a slightly twisted top plate because it could not properly support the amp’s weight. He subsequently upgraded to the Dragon Mk2 and I must say, build quality is much better, therefore, I can only assume the same holds true for the Mk2 Franks. BTW, I have the same speakers as you except in natural cherry.
The Coincident Total Eclipse is quite the speaker, I have no doubt it sounds fabulous driven by your Lamm SET smps.
Maril Lamm yes but arrange for home trials on any amps your thinking about and what about Doshi's Jhor monos, just a suggestion.
I used to have Doshi preamp. Heard Jhor at the show.
I feel Doshi products are little overpriced at retail prices they asking, for what they are. You can't deny the fact, that in the end it's really a DIY product. They priced in line with best offerings from BAT, VAC, Nagra, Atma Sphere, etc.
What is the bass like with the Franks? I realize it won't be solid state, but these are only 8 watts afterall.