Coleman Hawkins

I have several albums from tenor saxophonists  Ben Webster, Stan Getz, etc., accompanied by string orchestra. I want to know if Coleman Hawkins did any work accompanied by a string orchestra or not. I did a search, but didn't see any such albums. So I am not sure if he ever played accompanied by strings. Appreciate your replies.


I have two Colman Hawkins CD's. "The Ultimate Coleman Hawkins As Selected By Sonny Rollins," and "The Genius Of Coleman Hawkins." Both on the Verve label. I just did a quick review of both and did not pick up strings on any arrangement. A lot of piano accompaniment and sometimes guitar. -Scott


Appreciate your reply. While many sax players did recordings accompanied by string orchestras, Hawkins did not. At least according to one of my friends and a jazz record collector/seller. He said Hawkins did one with a string orchestra, but it was not very good compared others such as Webster, Parker, Clifford Brown, Stan Getz, etc. I suppose that opportunity didn't come his way or may be he wasn't interested. That aside, man has performed some of the best ballads ever done in that medium without a string orchestra! Thanks again.   

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….but, there’s always 😊:

Btw, if the “Hawk in Hifi” is the one that your friend refers to, I don’t agree that it is not very good. Billy Byers was one of the great orchestrators of the time. That alone makes it an interesting record. Enjoy.


Thanks for the recommendations. I ordered The Hawk In Hi Fi cd just now. I have Body & Soul. This will be a great addition to my jazz collection. I am a late entry into jazz and I am still discovering many gems. My friend got me most of the jazz albums. My CD collection is very small compared to the records. I will try to track down a record later.

You’re welcome.

Don’t know if you know these “with strings” recordings. Alto instead of tenor, one of my favorite saxophone with strings recordings:


In a more modern vein. From probably the greatest of the post-Coltrane tenor players:



I have Cannonball Adderley with Strings record, a Japanese pressing and Charlie Parker with Strings, in a set of 6 LPs from Verve (1948-50, 50-51, 1952). I was listening to Charlie Parker with Strings yesterday that also included a live recording from Carnegie Hall in addition to studio recording. I will try to find Claus Ogerman. Thanks