Combination streamer and music server…without DAC

Re. Combination streamer and music server without DAC:  There don’t seem to be too many of these out there and when I do see them, they tend to be quite pricey (Aurender N20).  I would like to use the DAC on my CD player.  I’m looking for something used, between $3K and $4K.  I suppose Lumin is an option by purchasing an L1 storage unit but I’m trying to avoid having another box.  I have about 300 to 400 cd’s.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.




soix no disparaging comments were made at all

being non upgradable is a statement on design

and telling of the results of a shoot out is not disparaging either 

@op - you can use a the computer of your choice running Roon. You need to that your DAC has a USB input and that it will see the output from the computer - but most will.

As long as Audiotroy points out he is a dealer, which he always does, his opinions are welcome, that is of course just my opinion.