Comments on the Berkeley Alpha DAC 2

I have been playing my newly acquired Berkeley DAC 2 and it sounds amazing in many aspects.  

Great staging and layering and super dynamics as well.

One aspect I am not a fan of (yet) is the potent upper mids and highs.  Now, this could be my room, or it could be the fact that the DAC has not been in use for months on end, and it has not "warmed" up properly.  Not sure yet...maybe the filter selection is incorrect.

Any users out there that can provide me with their insight?








I’ve never used the Alpha Dac- can you give a description of the filter settings?

Let the dac and any digital gear have at least 48 hrs before making judgement and never turn it off under normal conditions. Once the dac has settled in then look into the filters. 

I believe the potent upper mids and highs are part of the Berkeley house sound. At one point in time I had the Dac 1 and Ref 3 together in my system. Yes they presented the potent upper mids and highs. I ended up selling both. In hind sight I wish I had kept the Dac 1.

I have spent time with Berkeley DACs. The are outstanding. But, like in all aspects of audio. What is the rest of your equipment and venue. It would be very helpful if you would post your system, components and photos of your venue in your user profile under a virtual system. It can be any component or setup in your venue that creates the impression that it is the DAC. It could be other components. 

Last evening I listened at a old friend's home system 

His entire system a compilation of preferred gear and custom speakers.

It is the best SQ I have ever heard.

His DAC?

A Berkeley. Probably not the latest model either.