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Is positive reinforcement why things are sounding better?
@tonywinga your experience matches mine. I too did not know that Wilson speakers existed until I heard the Watt/Puppy 7's at a dealers. Once I heard them I wanted a pair. I kept my W/P 7's for 20 years and eventually upgraded them to Sasha DAW. In... 
Ethernet cables
Network audio relies on error free bulk data transfer. When the musical data is transferred from the source to the destination the data is broken up into thousands of small data packet/frames. Each chunk of data has an associated checksum. If timi... 
Roon vs OS and Native Players - Impact on SQ?
@mgrif104 I believe the hardware interface between the DAC and source has a bigger impact on the sound than the software being used. (I am not saying that software does not have an impact on the sound) When the hardware interface is usb, AES or S... 
ARC amplifier with Conrad Johnson Preamp
I would second the Premier 17 recommended by @cellorover. But the newer the CJ preamp the less of the sweet tubey sound you will get. CJ preamps have relatively high gain (25 - 26DB with 14 to 20 volt output). You should double check to make sure ... 
ARC amplifier with Conrad Johnson Preamp
I have owned both the ARC ref75se and CJ Premier 14. The two brands work well together it gives you a ying and yang combination. Subsequent CJ pre-amps have better defined bass than the 14.  
What rock swings?
Megan Moroney Album: Lucky: Song Lucky  
New DAC with streamer
I have a Bricasti M21 and Lampizator Baltic 3. I also compared the M21 to a Berkeley Ref 3. The Berkeley had greater resolution but could be bright and edgy on some tracks. On the M21 you have four decode paths: PCM ladder; PCM delta sigma; DSD de... 
Who is excited about Capital Audiofest 2023?
+1 on the Joseph Audio speakers they also sounded very nice.  
Who is excited about Capital Audiofest 2023?
I went primarily to listen to speakers. In no particular order speakers that I found interesting: Songer audio S1 field coil single driver Cessaro GAIA 1 the big NOLA speakers The small Tidal speakers in the Bricasti Design room Magico in t... 
Help with Bricasti M3 -
I have two copies of my music library on an Aurender N200. One copy is PCM 96/24 and the other copy is DSD 128. I have two DACS Bricasti M21 and Lampizator Baltic 3. When performing blind testing between DSD and PCM tracks I can not hear a differe... 
Should I Sell My ARC REF 6 and Get A Pass Labs XP-32
Here is a comparison of the PASS XP-32 and reference 6se. https://www.stereophile.com/content/audio-research-reference-6se-line-preamplifier-jim-austin-october-2022    
Comments on the Berkeley Alpha DAC 2
I believe the potent upper mids and highs are part of the Berkeley house sound. At one point in time I had the Dac 1 and Ref 3 together in my system. Yes they presented the potent upper mids and highs. I ended up selling both. In hind sight I wish... 
List of COOL songs sung by women
margo timmins If I Should Fall Behind    
KT-150 Tubes- Push Farther or Replace?
@designsfx The Ref 75 came with KT120's while the Ref 75SE came with KT 150s  
KT-150 Tubes- Push Farther or Replace?
@designsfx The Ref 75SE comes with KT150's. I have not tried any other tube types.