Comparing complete Beethoven Symphonies on SACD

Forgive me if this thread already exists, I've searched the Music forum and found none.

I'm looking to add an SACD complete Beethoven Symphonies to my collection.

Who do you like and why? Which ones have the best sonics?
I'm fond of both 'Historic Instruments' readings and Full Orchestra - Masur, van Karajan etc.
The 5-7 conducted by Kleiber on DG has been reissued as sacd. That is a very good, if not the best, version of thesetwo symphonies.
Beethoven Complete Symphonies, Jaap van Zweden, Philips Classical SACD. This is a set of recent recordings of all nine symphonies. The sound of these recordings is very lush and warm.
There's also the Bernhard Haitink cycle on LSO, available on both CD and SACD. They sound great, and mostly they're potent performances. Very hyped here in Europe right now. I'd say they're a great buy, they're cheap!
The Klieber 5th and 7th rules, but the SACD is very average in terms of sound quality. The LSO Live series is probably the best out there. The Pentatone series is right up there, too, and they are sufficiently different readings so you will want both.