Comparing sound of cables v. wireless

I'm asking about the quality of sound of wireless speaker connections compared to more typical cabled connections. I have a 2-channel mid-fi system (Adcom, ADS) in which I use Home Depot 14 gauge speaker cable. I may or may not upgrade the components in the future. I'm remodeling and can do some in-wall (actually, in-crawl space) wiring, but someone made the suggestion that I go wireless (a transmitter at my amp and receivers at my speakers). All equipment will be in the same room. Does anyone have any experiences or thoughts to share about how the two connections might compare? Thanks in advance.

Jim Crane
No comparison. So far, wireless speakers are little more than toys. There are some transmitter/receivers that are more advanced and there may be better wireless stuff on the horizon, perhaps taking advantage of modern wireless data transmission.

But, for now...........
How does the radio sound to you vs. CD or vinyl played on the machine in your room? Vague soundstaging, unbalanced sound, missing detail, static, grainy sound, muddy bass are some of the shortcomings I have heard in radio transmitted sound. Can be enjoyable but not high end sound quality.
Hmm, that is interesting as I picked up an Elcom EzAudio system the other day. Company is out of business for a long time. I guess this thing used to retail for about $150. It has a transmitter and receiver, both plug into a wall socket. I was considering using it for rear speakers. Has anyone ever tried or even heard of this system (ExAudio)

The biggest drawback to the wireless systems is a commpressed frequency range that is encoded into the RF or IR 'wireless' medium, and the additional encoding/decoding steps for the transmitter & reciever. The plug in systems are a bit better except for the additional bump in the 60Hz range. This is in addition to the above comments from Cdc.
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