Complete MFSL Ultradisc One-Step Collection

I have a complete MFSL Ultradisc One-Step collection that I am thinking about selling. Everything from the first disc (Santana Abraxas) all the way up to the last one released (Eagles One Of These Nights), all 22 disc released so far. All are brand new and still shrink wrapped except the first 2 (Santana and Bill Evans). These two disc have been played maybe 4-5 times each on a high end TT and are in perfect condition. I have never seen a complete MFSL Ultradisc One-Step collection for sale on Audiogon, or any other site. So my question is; if this is, I suspect a very rare and unique collection, what do you think it is worth?


“what do you think it is worth?”

Put it up as auction with a minimum threshold. You will know what’s your collection worth once the bid is over. You can also check on Discogs and eBay for individual title asking price. 

Alternatively if you are in no hurry, list them individually as some of the titles are probably more desirable than others and may fetch you more than what you’ve paid. I’ve paid $250 for a sealed pressing of Bill Evans but that was before the revelation of MoFi using digital mastering process.