Considering the 300B tube is highly regarded for longevity, am I expecting too much for a rather expensive tube to last more than 13 months under occasional use? Tube vacuum went flat & started arcing.
Can happen, but the better 300B usually lasts about 5 years or 8,000 hours in my systems @ 5 hours a day.
If you have WE 300B's you have a 5 year pro-rated warrantee.
Thanks Paladin for the info. I don't know how my thread title got changed.

The tube in question is not WE, tho it's not far off in price. Just out of warranty @13 months. I know for about seven months they only had 10-12 hours/week at most. To be honest, after sending the pair of tubes back to the mfr, I kinda thought they would make good on it. I think pride of product would warrant a one month grace. Especially on flat vacuum. But no. Even more confusing was the five months the tubes sat in their back room until I decided to rattle their cage and find out what was going on.

Thanks again

What make is the tube? You should name names... nothing gets a mfr moving to keep their good name like the prospect of a little negative publicity. Tubes can loose their vacuum due to manufacture defects (maybe a bad batch that others bought) so it's to their advantage to act favorably towards you. Nothing's perfect and things break - but 13 months is not a fair exchange for the price.

BTW Nrchy, a wonderful observation!