component placement

Now looking for advice. My dilemma is that I've run outta space for an area to place my cd player. While normally it would be fine to just buy a shelf and place it on I cannot really take anymore area from around my tube gear for the fear of it overheating. Is it dumb to put the amp on top of the CD? Would the heavyfeet that I use drain vibration from both component's properlly? (I could insantly hear better sound when I had the cd player on a shelf of it's own w/footers) Any other solution or idea is more than welcome. While it would prolly look best on a wall shelf directly above my rack I'm trying other ways.
I really like the Mapleshade racks. They sound and look great plus the infinite adjustability of the shelves. You just need to buy another shelf. Your tube preamp doesn't require anywhere close to the room you have devoted to it. My VAC preamp doesn't even have ventilation slots in the casework by design. My shelf spacing is fairly tight and I have no tube performance or reliability issues. Just tighten up the spacing a bit and buy another shelf.
Can your c/d player go on the floor under your rack (although it would be difficult to change cds). Maybe a wall shelf is the best solution, or another rack next to your current one, or maybe replace your current rack with one with more shelves. Good luck
Cool thanks all just glad no one told me to chuck the cd player and stream music from a hard drive. Rhljazz believe it or not there's only about 3 inches above the preamp.(I would'nt feel safe with any less) My phono will be about the same once I'm able to afford heavy feet for it.

Wait just a minute if I get some monoblock amps...
Check and see how much Mapleshade would charge for taller uprights and a shelf. Would you have a problem making the whole rack a bit taller?