components in your system

What indisposable piece of equipment do you have in your system and why has it achieved this status.
My stereo cabinet. It is approx. 195 years older than any of the other equipment and it looks great in the corner. It is an angle sided Tansu cabinet meant to be placed under a stairway or sloping ceiling. The rest of the stuff is living (with me) on borrowed time.
Dekay, a 195 year old woodie?.............Wow that must be some equipment! Or is it the software?
albertporter: if it were software would it still be a woody? anyway, segue back to retro's question: the only thing in my "system" that is truly irreplaceable is my software, most particularly the lp's i searched for years to find. everything else will be replaced at some point or another; to borrow from david byrne, "just as it ever was, just as it ever was....."
No Albert, it's a fruit woodie, Persimmon to be exact and it's never had to take a blood presure pill in it's life/existance.
I never thought of the source material and even that (for me) has gone with time or changed format. I no longer have reel to reel tapes or 8 tracks. I don't have much vinyl left (and nothing to play it back on). We still have quite a few cassettes, much of which never made it to CD as far as I can tell, but I have considered renting some pro gear and transferring (burning) them to CD. The only things that I have ever owned more than twelve years were a pair of Mac 30's that I would gladly take back today and a Quad 303/33/FM3 set up that I was partial to, so I guess that they (the Mac's) would have survived ownership had my judgment and foresight been a little keener fifteen years ago. Wouldn't mind having my LS3/5a's back either. Only the music from some source or another seems to survive out of necessity.
Dekay-No offense, but I believe it was " same as it ever was", simultaneously striking forhead with hand dressed in large suit. Sorry, saw it live in my much younger days, hard to forget, "once in a lifetime" experience. Cheers, Mark Did you ever get the APC?
Sorry, I'm blind- the above relates to cornfed re the Heads, not Dekay. Humble apologies
My eleven year old Denon 1025 125watt receiver. It sold new for $1000 and is 2 channel only. It's probably worth all of $150 on the used market, but still sounds pretty good, has a great tuner, and makes a nice front end to my TV & DVD player. I still use it when I want more backgroundish music.

For my high end system, my sony XA7ES CD player seems to have quite the staying power. Tremendous bang for the buck.
Mes: Not a problem, I am a big TH's fan starting from 1976 and used to have the "Big Suit" on vidio. It was TH's and Television at the time. I also used to look a lot like Byrne when I was younger and 25 lbs lighter and was once mobbed by a crowd at the opening of one of their movies in Westood CA. It was a very scary experience.
I've got to agree with the software response as most important, but of components, I'd go with Levinson DAC 360S. It was the best upgrade I've ever made-- dynamic, detailed, natural, lifelike etc. Cheers. Craig
Sorry, forgot to mention my own. I have a Pioneer tuner, model TX-9100, that I can't replace without spending megabucks and only for a small measure of increased performance. My Apogee Duettas are in the same boat, I've found better but can't justify replacing them for the small increase in performance. Good thread so far, thanks for the responce! I'm starting to like this place!
Yes, a good tuner makes sense as well. I feel like I am losing on "Family Feud" at this point as I haven't thought of any of the logical choices on my own.
My ugly,beat-to-hell, naked 20 yr old Tympani 1d`s
Turn the lights off.....and they disapear.