Computer power cord upgrade, is it worth it?

I understand not everyone believes cables make a difference so if you are in the camp that cables are cables are cables, then please don't respond to this thread. Thanks. If you believe cables matter I'd like to know if you've switched out your (music source) computer's power cord with an upgraded after market power cord? If yes, did you see any improvements and if yes, what changes?
Are you doing this for computer audio? If so, then I think you should put a better cable in the DAC. That is the component doing the dirty work.
And, getting a better signal to the DAC, either USB or Optical will help. There are some software add on's like Laufer Teknik that help with jitter and such.
Yes, all my music is stored on my computer as mostly FLAC (from CD rips and HDtracks downloads) mp3 (Amazon downloads) or WAV (from files converted from vinyl LP's using Audacity). I've got a WyWires Platinum USB cable from my computer to T + A DAC 8 DSD. gdnrbob, Tried to look up info on the Laufer Teknik software and didn't find any. And from what I did find it looks like Laufer Teknik is way out of my league.
The issue with PC's is to keep the noise the power supplies generate out of your AC.

A shielded cable will reduce EMI/RFI from being emitted. These are cheap. Keeping the AC cord plugged in outside of your audio gear's noise/surge protection is also a good idea.

He has some software options that aren't expensive like the Memory Player.
I bought his Mini and am in the process of getting things settled.
I would give him a call and see what he can do.
BTW, used Memory Players are much more affordable (ie. around $5K).