Connecting a C-2500 to a MX-120 need help

Hello all,i have multiple Mcintosh rigs so i decided to finally set up a 5 channel system for HT ,i snagged a mint MX-120 to use as the 5 channel processor but the MX manual dosent denote exactly which inputs or outputs are used to connect a C-2500 dedicated 2 channel tube pre, im aware the MX does good 2 channel but i also want to keep my tube preamp for music ,my questions are as follows .
#1 which connections do i use to connect the MX-120 & C-2500 .
#2 Once the MX & C-2500 are connected which preamp would i use to connect the amps & source components to ,the C-2500 manual lacks this info as does the MX-120 manual ,for reference the system is as follows ,XRT-28 fronts driven by Mc-1201 monoblocks, LS-350 rears driven by Jeff Rowland 201 monoblocks,center channel i have 4 options including using a single XRT-29 or 1 of 3 conventional centers i have ,amp depends on which center works best ,my choices range from a 200 watt bridged Mc-2102 to a 1750 watt Emotiva monoblock ,sources are an MCD-550 for CD & SACD, MVP-871 for HDMI to the MX & into TV for movies , a Dynaco CDV-1 Tube cd player for music and connected to my front amps a DBX-20 20 live mic'ed eq for room correction in 2 channel .

Anybody whos running a MX pre pro along with a 2 channel pre in the same system your help would be greatly appreciated.
The rear panel of the C-2500 is self explainatory with its brightly denoted " Processor in and out " ,however the MX-120 has no inputs or outputs denoted as being for external preamp , hopefully a member with a Mcintosh MX as his/her processor will chime in, sadly both manuals are extremely lacking information concerning cross connection .