Connecting active subs in stereo and full range stereo speakers to Decware Rachel amp.

Sometime next week my Omega speakers should arrive.  There will be two active subs and two full range speakers.  I want to connect the subs in stereo.  The run from my Decware Rachel amp to the subs will be a bit longer than the run to the full range speakers, and I will be running two-wire cable to each.  From each of the two binding posts on the amp I want to run cable to a sub and to a full range speaker (right channel to right sub and speaker) and left to left.  I would like your advice on how best to connect these cables to the binding posts.  Should I use stackable banana connectors for both, or spades for the full range and bananas above them for the subs, or bare wire for one or the other?  Does it matter?  Also, do you have recommendations for reasonably-priced connectors?

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Only your full range speakers will be driven by your amp. the subs will extract a low level signal to their own amps.

I think you can run a single cable to your full range speakers and a short jumper to subs. I am sure that would work but those with more sub experience may chime in on a better way to wire it. Running Biwires is not necessary. If you do decide to run biwires, I’d make sure my full range are direct connected to the posts. The subs can be stacked since they are not a high current signal.

PS  I had a Rachel.  Great amp. Currently have an SE84 and a ZMA.


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It doesn't matter as long as you're confident about the secure connection. If you're using bananas on the full range speakers then bare wire would work fine.