Connecting Dragonfly 1.2 to Fiio E12 to AKG m220

If I have at my house a laptop and a Minix NEO u1 streamer, and i want to hear high quality sound (let's say using TIDAL service or apple music) through my AKG m220 headphone (it's the same as the AKG K240 headphone) and my Logiteck X230 amplified computer speakers. 
The question is- do the Dragonfly 1.2 enough for that? I have the opportunity to get for a good price the Fiio E12 headphone amplifier, so I can connect the Dragonfly 1.2 to the computer for instance, and with an interconnection cable connect it to the E12 amp, and then from the E12 connect it to the M220 headphone. The thing is there is an option in the dragonfly to use it only as a DAC and "shutdown" the internal amp . What do you think about this arrangement? or should I drop the E12 and don't buy it and use only the dragonfly 1.2 with the AKG headphone and that's it? this question is also regarding the minix streamer (it can support USB DAC) .
What about the Logiteck X230 amplified computer spearkers? what should be the arrangement for that with the above devices?