Conrad-Johnson Premier 3 - worth repairing?

I have a Conrad-Johnson Premier 3 pre-amp that I no longer need. Physically, it's in great condition. I recently replaced all tubes, but the left channel is dead and I'm not savvy enough to fix it myself. I live in easy driving distance to Conrad Johnson's HQ, so I could drop it off for repair. Do you think it's worth investing in the repair and then selling it (either here or on eBay)?
I would check with Bill or Lou and see if they could give you an idea of the range of repair costs. You could advertise it AS IS and see what the interest is. The buyer might be interested in repairing it himself or having one of the large number of modifiers do it. If I wanted to keep it I would have it repaired, it I wanted to sell it I would list it as is first.
Owned a Premier 3 in the past. Sold it approx 4 years ago. It fetched around $900 used in pretty decent shape. I agree with the other suggestion to list it (as is) first. The repair may run several hundred $.
Good luck!
I had a PF-1 SS preamp repaired at CJ several years ago and the repair was under $ 100. Very reasonable I felt. Call and check it out. You may be pleasantly surprised. That or sell it to me for fifty bucks !
Call and check out first it may be more economical to fix and it is a excellent piece.
(From original poster) Thanks to all for your advice. I'll call CJ this week and try to get an idea of the repair cost before making a decision.
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You could also have it looked at by Bill Thalmann of Music Technology in Springfield, Va. He is the former chief technician of conrad-johnson and does super work. He certainly would know the Premier 3 inside and out.
Hello there. Do you still have Conrad Johnson Premier 3 preamp?

Let me know either way.
Thank you,
Could you update us on what has taken place?

I have very fond memories of that was iconic...I loved it's voicing.

To all those who say, maybe or no, be honestand dont try to steal it. It is still one of the very best preamps ever made (also Spectral)so it will always be woth having it working in a system.
If you say you dont "need' it any longer, I recon a trip to the doctor to check out the mental state is a must. Ha Ha !!
You may want to try the Troubleshooting forums for help in fixing this. The premier 3 is a really nice unit and I would try to fix it before tossing it (or selling it).
Please let me know if it is still up for sale. I will buy it from you as is. Thanks.
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